The Orphans' Hands

"Slavery has never been a thing of the past. Sadly these kids, left unprotected, become the main source for human traffickers. The Orphan’s Hands provides them with a safe home and a means to an education, which prevents these vulnerable young men and women from ending up in human bondage. With the support of people who care deeply, they have overcome against all odds. Today they are success stories with a deeply rooted compassion for the world that is manifesting in their daily life."
- Philip Cameron

Furry Comfort Critters

As we go into our 7th  year supporting and partnering with Philip Cameron and the Orphan Hands, Fayetteville Community Church will conduct a two part campaign to help this years excessive influx of orphans due to the Ukrainian crisis. Many of this orphans gave what little they had in order to comfort and protect the refugees that have swamped Moldavia's borders. Giving food, clothes, toys, and more, these children need our help to support their missionaries to the Ukrainian refugees and also themselves.
Starting August 27th, Pastor Teresa and the FCC staff will be collecting funds for our "Furry Comfort Critters" campaign.
The FCC Critters will be a weighted stuffed animal that will bring comfort to children in need. Weighted animals can help with a plethora of ailments such as discomfort and anxiety. These FCC Critters can also act as a cooling pack or heat pack. Also infused with Scentsy's bead pack for a calming scent.
The "Furry Comfort Critters" will cost $35 each.
We thank you for your love and support as we collect donations for the Orphans' Hands ministry and their mission to help the people that are suffering around them.

Donations can be made below! Please select the fund  name "Mission Orphans Hands Furry Comfort Critters" to make a donation to the cause.