Join Us!

Prayers for Prodigals is working through a bible study, Dressed to Kill by Rick Renner, that will help put on the Armor of God everyday as you fight mentally and physically with those of your enemy.
Please join us in the Assembly Room at 7pm as we group together during this on going battle of righteousness. 

It's never too late to ask for help....

Prayers for Prodigals is a Holy Spirit-led deliverance ministry, founded on the Word of God, that seeks to advance the gospel of Christ in those that have been ravaged by the effects of addiction and recurring sin.  Our goal is to encourage families and loved ones while we fight in the spirit until their prodigals turn to the Lord and thrive in His righteousness.  We prayerfully will be a source of hope, guidance, and support in supplying information to guide you on your journey of recovery.  You are not alone!
Here are some resources to help you and your prodigals!