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Baptism declares our unashamed devotion to the Christ who sacrificed for us. Our practice of immersion baptism symbolizes a complete submersion, mirroring the burial and resurrection of Jesus. It's a physical expression that leaves an indelible mark, signifying our union with Christ.
However, before undergoing water baptism, one must first be baptized into the Body of Christ through salvation. This step ensures that the act of baptism holds true purpose and meaning. Emerging from the water represents our new life in Christ, where we commit to making Him Lord over every aspect of our being.
At this pivotal moment, we embrace a full commitment to obey and follow Jesus, aligning our lives with the divine purpose and plan set forth by Almighty God. Join us in celebrating this significant milestone in your journey of faith.
Why Should I Be Baptized?
A simple reason why Christians should be baptized is because it follows the example that Jesus set for us when He Himself was baptized (Mark 1:9-11). Jesus also instructed his followers to "go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19).

Why Be Baptized By Immersion?
In the language that the Bible was originally written in, the word for “baptize” literally means “to dip" or "immerse”, and baptisms in the Bible were done by immersion (i.e. Acts 8:38–39). Also, immersion best symbolizes a burial and resurrection. (Colossians 2:12).
What About Children?
We believe in waiting until children are a little bit older to baptize them because we want to ensure that they fully understand the significance of the decision they are making. Baptism is a public declaration of one's faith in Jesus Christ and a commitment to follow Him. By waiting until children are older, they have the opportunity to comprehend the spiritual significance of baptism and make a personal decision to embrace their faith. This approach honors the individual journey of each child and allows them to enter into baptism with genuine understanding and conviction.
Please feel free to contact to the office to talk to us and see if your child is ready to take this huge step in their faith journey!

What About Infant Baptism?
Infants and newborns are precious and innocent, and do not have the need (nor the ability) to repent and turn from their sin. That's why we wait until a child has the need and ability to repent and follow Jesus before we baptize them.
What if I was Sprinkled as an Infant/Child?
Absolutely! Being sprinkled as an infant, child, or teenager is indeed a wonderful gesture from your parents, filled with deep intentions to dedicate you to the Lord. It marks a special moment in your life, reflecting your family's faith and aspirations for your spiritual journey. However, it's important to recognize that this act doesn't necessarily represent your personal choice or demonstration of faith.
Embarking on a journey of believer's baptism is a beautiful way to honor both your own spiritual conviction and the prayers of your parents. It's a decision rooted in your personal commitment to walk in faith and grow closer to the Lord. Rather than dishonoring your parents, it's a continuation of their hopes and dreams for you to thrive in your relationship with God. Embracing believer's baptism is a profound affirmation of your faith journey, echoing the desires and prayers of those who have guided you along the way.
Do I Need to Be Re-Baptized?
Certainly! If you find yourself in a situation where you don't remember your childhood baptism, or perhaps you were baptized at the direction of your parents without fully understanding the significance, there's no need to feel burdened by uncertainty. The beautiful thing is that the decision to be baptized is ultimately yours to make.
Consider it as an opportunity for renewal and spiritual reconnection. If thoughts about your past baptism occasionally cross your mind, or if you feel a tug in your heart to reaffirm your commitment to Jesus, then re-baptism can be a profoundly positive step. It's a chance to clear any doubts, refresh your dedication, and deepen your relationship with Christ.
Embrace this as a joyful moment in your faith journey, where you're actively choosing to rededicate your life to Jesus in a way that resonates deeply with your own convictions and understanding. Your decision to be re-baptized is a powerful affirmation of your ongoing spiritual growth and your desire to walk closely with the Lord.

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