Community Missions

Backpack Buddies

The Backpack Buddy Program is a vital initiative ensuring children have access to nutritious meals over the weekend. Through generous contributions, our team fills large ziplock bags with three days worth of essential food items.
These backpacks serve as a lifeline for children facing food insecurity, offering them sustenance and support during weekends when access to meals may be limited. By contributing to this existing program, we play a crucial role in ensuring that no child goes hungry and that they have the nourishment they need to thrive both academically and personally.
Join us in making a difference in the lives of these children by supporting the Backpack Buddy Program. Together, we can help alleviate food insecurity and empower children to reach their full potential.

12 Days of Giving

Welcome to our 12 Days of Giving Program, where we embrace the spirit of Christmas by spreading joy and generosity to those in need. Throughout the holiday season, we embark on a journey of giving, dedicating each of the twelve days to support various programs and groups of people in our community.
From providing warm meals to the homeless, to donating toys to children in need, to offering support to local shelters and charities, each day is an opportunity to make a meaningful impact and spread cheer. Through our collective efforts and contributions, we aim to brighten the lives of those who may be facing challenges during the holiday season.
The 12 Days of Giving Program embodies the true essence of Christmas - the season of giving. It is a time to come together as a community, to show compassion, and to make a difference in the lives of others. Join us in celebrating the spirit of generosity and kindness this holiday season as we spread love and joy to those who need it most.

International Missions

International Missions Outreach: Haiti

As steadfast supporters of International Missions Outreach (IMO), we are deeply committed to furthering their impactful mission in Haiti. Through our partnership, we empower IMO to engage in holistic ministry, addressing the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of individuals and communities. Our contributions enable IMO to equip pastors and leaders, provide education and healthcare services, and conduct outreach programs that bring hope and healing to those in need.
Together, we are agents of change, making a tangible difference in the lives of countless Haitians. By supporting IMO, we not only help transform individual lives but also contribute to the broader vision of building resilient and thriving communities rooted in faith, compassion, and love. Join us in standing alongside IMO as they continue to spread the transformative message of God's love and bring lasting change to Haiti and beyond.

2024 IMO Convention

International Missions Outreach 2024 Convention Agenda:
Special Praise and Worship led by Byron Pritchard and FCC Praise Team

Monday June 3
6:00pm - Doors open for FREE Registration and Fellowship at Fayetteville Community Church Foyer
7:00pm - Darrell Huffman, Huntington, West Virginia - Darrell Huffman Ministries - Home

Tuesday June 4
10:00 am - Joey McCutcheon, Saint Albans, West Virginia - Maranatha Fellowship Church
12:00 pm - Luncheon - Speakers Paul and Andy Boggess, Buffalo, WV - Faith Christian Fellowship
6:00 pm - Doors open
7:00 pm - Tommy Bates, Independence, KY - Tommy Bates Ministries

Wednesday June 5
10:00 am - Shelia Isom, Danville Virginia - Dr. Shelia Isom Ministries
12:00 pm - IMO Advisory Board Meeting
6:00 pm - Doors Open
7:00 pm - The Hoppers & Wesley Pritchard - The Hoppers

The Orphans' Hands

"Slavery has never been a thing of the past. Sadly these kids, left unprotected, become the main source for human traffickers. The Orphan’s Hands provides them with a safe home and a means to an education, which prevents these vulnerable young men and women from ending up in human bondage. With the support of people who care deeply, they have overcome all odds. Today they are success stories with a deeply rooted compassion for the world that is manifesting in their daily life."
- Philip Cameron

Furry Comfort Critters

As we go into our 7th  year supporting and partnering with Philip Cameron and the Orphan Hands, Fayetteville Community Church will conduct a two-part campaign to help this year's excessive influx of orphans due to the Ukrainian crisis. Many of this orphans gave what little they had in order to comfort and protect the refugees that have swamped Moldavia's borders. Giving food, clothes, toys, and more, these children need our help to support their missionaries to the Ukrainian refugees and also themselves.
Starting August 27th, Pastor Teresa and the FCC staff will be collecting funds for our "Furry Comfort Critters" campaign.
The FCC Critters will be a weighted stuffed animal that will bring comfort to children in need. Weighted animals can help with a plethora of ailments such as discomfort and anxiety. These FCC Critters can also act as a cooling pack or heat pack. Also infused with Scentsy's bead pack for a calming scent.
The "Furry Comfort Critters" will cost $35 each.
We thank you for your love and support as we collect donations for the Orphans' Hands ministry and their mission to help the people that are suffering around them.

Donations can be made below! Please select the fund  name "Mission Orphans Hands Furry Comfort Critters" to make a donation to the cause.