Band of Brothers

Looking about at those who were sitting around Him, He  said, “Behold My mother and My brothers!

Mark 3:34

Band of Brothers Ministry offers the brotherhood of Christ to men fighting to move from success to meaning, addictions to  freedom, and selfishness to God's call. Our Covenant with our Triune God is to become a follower and brother of Christ - no matter the cost, and to engage in the battle with other like-hearted men in authentic, secret-less relationships. We believe in the power of the sword - the living Word of God - to guide us in the battles ahead.


Fellowship @ 6:30pm

Join the our Brothers as we partake in fellowship! Get to know your brothers in Christ every Tuesday. 

Bible Study @ 7pm

The Tongue:: A Creative Force
by::Charles Capps
The brothers are current in the mist of a study that will invite you to find out what unique gift you offer the Body of Christ. 

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