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Wesley & Teresa Pritchard 

SENIOR Pastors

Wesley Pritchard (Senior Pastor)
“Church has always been my life” says Wesley, “I grew up in church.” His father Ken and mother Lillian are the founding pastors of Fayetteville Community Church. Wesley says, “I was singing in revival meetings with my Dad when I was two years old.”

Wesley and his wife Teresa have been working in the church music ministry for 30 years. During this time, he has been the Worship leader and choir director at Fayetteville Community Church. In June of 2009, Wesley was installed as Senior Pastor. He says, “I feel like all the years working with musicians and singers really helped prepare me for pastoring the church. It is the scariest thing I have ever done… the responsibility is enormous. Every time I step in the pulpit I wonder if someone is hearing the gospel for the last time and I want to get it into their heart what the Lord would have me to say.”

You may recognize Wesley  mostly for his years of work on the Gaither Homecoming Video Series. Since 1995, Wesley has been an integral part of them, singing, producing, playing bass, and as he says, “Whatever Mr. Gaither needs.” He also has sung with Old Friends Quartet with Jake Hess, George Younce, and Ernie Haase, The Gaither Vocal Band, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, and as he calls it, has been a “stunt singer,” filling in for The Hoppers, The Booth Brothers, The Martins, and many more groups.

“Since I can remember, I have always been involved with Gospel music,” Wesley says. He has engineered sound at the National Quartet Convention, the Canadian Gospel Music Festival, and The Great Western Fan Festival in California. He has a broad knowledge of the intricacies of harmonies and the blend of, as he says, “good ole’ Gospel music”.
Wesley is a two time Dove Award winner. He won for producing Southern Gospel album of the year “Encore” for Old Friends Quartet and for producing the Spanish Language album of the year “Te Amo Dios”.

For over 30 years, Wesley has worked with Mill West Recording Studios in Fayetteville, North Carolina. There he has produced and recorded hundreds of Gospel projects. He continues to work producing projects, most recently for The Dixie Melody Boys, Lordsong, The Sisters, Driven, The Anchormen, and many regional groups.

Wesley lives in Fayetteville, North Carolina with his wife of over 30 years Teresa, their two married children Erica and Kramer, and the love of their lives – five grandchildren – Lilly, Abby, Kanen, Amelia, and Banks.

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